How to get backlinks: 11 proven strategies

Finding ways to get Backlinks to your Website?

How to get backlinks: Backlinking to your website can increase your ranking in search engines. With the highest search engine ranking, your site can see a significant traffic boom.

Finding ways to get backlinks to your website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. although many content creators do. Therefore, before breaking the bank of backlinks, you should know that there are many simple ways to get more free links.

In this article, we will present 11 ways to get more backlinks to your website and improve the position of your search engine.

Everyone knows that backlinks are essential. Let’s find out why.

The backlinking is a hyperlink on an external site that leads to your site.

Getting a backlink from another website is like voting for your website: the more votes, the higher your site’s position in search results. However, not all backlinks are created equal.

There are certain types of backlinks that you need to get if you want to improve search engine rankings – it’s not just quantity. It would be best if you got backlinks from authoritative pages and backlinks that are relevant to your content or industry.

When your site has quality, relevant backlinks from other reliable sources, it helps search engines recognize your website as authentic and relevant to the topic you classify for.

When search engines find your site authoritative, it will take you higher on the search results webpage.

Check out 11 ways to get backlinks to your website.

1. Write quality, content worthy of the link

How to get backlinks: Allow other bloggers and industry leaders to return to your site by creating their content.

However, you cannot write any content. You must earn from these links by writing high-quality content worthy of links.

Bloggers and other websites will only link to your article if it is valuable, useful, unique, and relevant.

2. Create high-quality content

How to get backlinks: High-quality content is a link-creation strategy that involves finding existing accessible content online, improving it, and duplicating backlinks.

All you have to do is search on Google for the topic you want. For example, if you’re going to write about digital marketing, enter “social media marketing” in the search bar.

Choose one article from the search results and write your post that is ten times better.

You can extend and deepen the article, add high-quality images that are missing in the original article, or add additional information that is not included.

Your new and improved content should significantly increase over existing content in search engines.

3. Start guest blogging

How to get backlinks: Blogging guests is a proven way to introduce your business to a new audience, and every entry you meet brings you at least 1 signed link back to your website.

4. Create info-graphics

How to get backlinks: Not only can you create long and detailed blog articles that take a long time, but you can also create infographics.

Computer graphics is a graphic representation of information or data that is used to present knowledge quickly. Because infographics are visual, they are one of the most common online content formats.

5. Comment on high-quality blogs

How to get backlinks: Another quick way to get backlinks to your website is to comment on blogs. But the blog comments must be well done. Spam can result if you only comment on many blogs to get more backlinks.

To avoid hitting the spammer, comment on blogs to reach the community. If you leave comments in blogs, you have the opportunity to interact with colleagues and exchange ideas or advice.

6. Answer the questions about Quora

Like commenting on blogs, you can also answer questions about Quora.

How to get backlinks: Quora is a question-and-answer site where users ask, answer, and edit questions on the Internet. You can find questions about your niche on Quora, answer them with expert advice, and add a link to your site.

7. Provide references

If you like the product/service, you can offer this company a referral in exchange for a link to your website. In this way, you will create a good network and will be able to generate more backlinks for your site.

8. Find the resource pages

How to get backlinks: The resource pages contain a list of resources and links that site owners find useful to their audience.

For example, a fly fishing website may have a resource page with links to recommended fishing gear, lists of the best fishing sites, and fly fishing tips for beginners.

Remember that many sites place products on resource pages they know and use. Instead of asking for a mention, try to offer cooperation. Thanks to this, the website owner can know your product, and you have a much better chance of developing this relationship.

9. Conduct the interview

How to get backlinks: In addition to registering at HARO, you can also contact publications, bloggers, and even vloggers for an interview. Publishing an online interview is a great way to get backlinks to your website.

Look for websites and publications that regularly conduct online interviews that are relevant to your industry.

10. Use Influence Marketing

How to get backlinks: Influencer marketing came into the picture a few years ago, It is a form of social media marketing in which products/services are promoted by people from social media with dedicated observations.

When you agree with an influential person, they can promote your website, link to it, write about you, share it on social media, and more.

Paying an influencer to promote your site can seem costly, especially for influencers with millions of followers. Fortunately, you can work with micro-influences (with the following ranges from 10,000 to 100,000) at a more affordable price and usually more involvement.

Additionally, some influential people are happy to promote your website in exchange for free products instead of cash. So work out a deal that will benefit both parties.

11. Repair broken links

How to get backlinks: Have you ever clicked the link on the Internet that led you to the 404 error page? You probably have it and that’s irritating.

But here is the fun fact, you can use a 404 error to get more backlinks to your site.

When you come across a resource page with a broken link, replace that broken link with your own. Error 404 is the result of deleting the website. And this broken link is not good for this site’s SEO.

Inform the site owner that you found a broken link on his resource page. You can offer your site owner your own content to replace.

Finding broken links on resource pages is quite challenging. Fortunately, you can use a Chrome extension, such as Check My Links, to help you find broken links.